DocumentBurster is a report distribution software which can burst reports such as payslips, invoices or statements in order to break up and distribute (by email, web, file share, etc.) relevant parts to each of your employees, customers or partners.

DocumentBurster is a report distribution software which works with any reporting software including Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, IBM Cognos, Oracle Hyperion and QlikView.

Using DocumentBurster it is easy to integrate report distribution and report bursting capabilities into existing in-house built legacy software or with systems like SAP ERP, Oracle Applications, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, MYOB or QuickBooks accounting software.



  • Automate high-volume document delivery to customers, vendors, employees and prospects.
  • Split reports and documents into personalized PDF files and e-mail them securely and reliably.
  • It has out of the box delivery targets like email and ftp. Email is referring to any SMTP compatible server including gmail and yahoo.
  • It has command line support so it is easy to automate the bursting of reports.


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